Elementary Student Services

Brian Alvarez

School Psychologist, Grades K-4
Bryan Alvarez
Bryan Alvarez

Bryan Alvarez was hired in the district in April 2007. He provides counseling services to students in grades K-4, with a focus on students with special needs. Mr. Alvarez is also a member of the Elementary School’s Instructional Support Team (IST) and conducts cognitive, academic and behavioral assessments for elementary school students, as well as pupils associated with the Committee on Special Education (CSE).  He assists faculty and staff in the development of positive, proactive behavioral interventions, and places an emphasis on teaching students positive replacement skills and strategies.

Mr. Alvarez regularly consults with faculty, staff, parents, and outside agencies to help ensure students are achieving at their highest levels both academically and emotionally.

“Now more than ever before, it is critical that we support the whole child, including their social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Open and consistent communication between home and school is a vital component to help ensure student success. I enjoy working in this district because we have such great working relationships with our parents and staff. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this wonderful school and community.”

Bryan earned a master’s degree/certificate of advanced study in school psychology from SUNY Plattsburgh, a bachelor of science degree in psychology from SUNY New Paltz, and an associate of arts degree in psychology from SUNY Cobleskill. He is originally from Cobleskill and graduated from Cobleskill-Richmondville High School.

Cassandra Luthringer

School Counselor, Grades K-4
Cassandra Luthringer
Cassandra Luthringer

Cassandra Luthringer is a school counselor who works with elementary school students in grades K-4 and has worked in the Schuylerville Central School District since August 2004. Mrs. Luthringer and Principal Rose Beckett are the Dignity Act Coordinators for the elementary school.

Mrs. Luthringer facilitates small groups that address social, emotional, and behavioral skills training, and offers solution-focused counseling to individual students. When needed, she also coordinates with outside agencies to help support students and their families.
Mrs. Luthringer is one of the two district trainers for Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools and  coordinates the Backpack Food Program for the Elementary School, with the assistance of S.A.F.E.R. She is a member of the Elementary School’s Instructional Support Team (IST) and the Effective School Team, and is also the advisor for the Kindness and Compassion (KC) Club and its many community service activities.
“It’s important for us to address our students’ academic, social and emotional needs during the elementary school years. We are laying the foundation for their future success. I appreciate every day at work while working alongside eager learners, dedicated staff members and trusting parents.”
Mrs. Luthringer earned a bachelor’s degree in public affairs from UAlbany and a master’s degree in school counseling from Sage Graduate School. Prior to being hired as a full-time employee, she served as an intern at Schuylerville High School. She is s a graduate of South Glens Falls High School.

Leigh O’Connor

School Counselor, Grades 5-6
Leigh O'Connor
Leigh O’Connor

Leigh O’Connor began working in the Schuylerville Central School District in the 2006 as a school counselor. Leigh provides both individual and group counseling services to students in the elementary and middle School. She works closely with teachers and students, and actively seeks ways to provide a sense of connection and community in our halls. Leigh enjoys teaching students to find their voice, develop self-confidence, and become problem-solvers. She also strongly believes mental and physical health are equally important components to a person’s overall health.  

By teaching students the importance of self-care, advocacy, and communication skills, we are giving them skills to be the best they can be.” 

Leigh earned her master’s degree in school counseling from The College of Saint Rose and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from LeMoyne College.