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Do you have a question about a specific matter? Use our District Contact Guide to learn which staff member may best help you.

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Central Office

Acting Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Ryan Sherman
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3242

Asst. Superintendent for Business
Christine Burke
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3251

Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Jordan Tezanos
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3247

Communications Director
Taryn Kane
(518) 695-3255, ext. 1245

Director of Facilities
Paul Irish
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3270

Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development
Sarah Battiste
(518) 695-3255, ext. 2131

Director of Technology and Computer Integration
Jason Mehan
(518) 695-3255, ext. 2208

Transportation Supervisor
Chuck Barss
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3261

Director of Food Service
Sarah Keen
(518) 695-3255, ext. 2290

Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools
Board of Education Clerk
Jennifer Tompkins
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3242

School District Registrar
Stacey Dooley
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3301

Business Office

District Treasurer
Lauren Leahy
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3259

Tax Collector/Clerk
Barbara Lapitsky
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3253

Payroll Specialist
Saron Congdon
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3254