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Promoting Student Success

Schuylerville Central School District offers a K-12 educational program designed to promote the academic success and personal development of all students. We’re dedicated to preparing students to meet the rigorous demands of state and local academic standards and the needs of future employers. And equally as important, we’re focused on addressing the needs of the “whole child” so our students go on to become caring, contributing members of society.

Title 1/Right to Know

Read about our Title 1/Right to Know policy, also known as the Parent Involvement Policy on the Title I page.

Grade Promotion and Placement Policy

View our complete policy on student evaluation:

Important Links

  • Academic Intervention Services (AIS): Academic Intervention Services (AIS) help students who need a little extra help to meet academic learning standards. Learn More About Academic Intervention Services (AIS)
  • Advanced Studies: The district provides accelerated and advanced learning opportunities for students at the Elementary School, Middle School and the High School. Learn More About Advanced Studies
  • Career Education: Schuylerville’s Career Education Program helps students with their professional and life choices. Learn More About Career Education
  • Counseling Services: Our Student Services Center consists of guidance counselors, school psychologists, health professionals, school counselors, an intervention counselor and a career education counselor who serve throughout the school district. Learn More About Counseling Services
  • Curriculum & Instruction: Schuylerville CSD believes that curriculum should support our students’ needs and prepare each student to be life-long learners. Learn More About Curriculum and Instruction
  • Distance Learning: The distance learning program uses live videoconferencing technology to make it possible for schools to both deliver and receive classes. Schuylerville has three distance learning classrooms which offer more than a dozen classes. Learn More About Distance Learning
  • Home School Instruction: Information for families considering the home school instruction approach to schooling. Learn More About Home School Instruction
  • New York State Report Cards: Each year, the New York State Education Department releases a report card showing the academic achievement levels of every school and district in the state. See Our Most Recent State Report Cards
  • Report Cards (District-Level) and Progress Reports: The district’s report cards and progress reports generated through a computerized student data management system called SchoolTool. Learn More About Report Cards (District-Level) and Progress Reports
  • Special Education: Schuylerville Central School District offers special education programs in the least restrictive environment. Learn More About Special Education
  • Student Services Center: The Student Services Center is committed to serving each student’s educational, personal, vocational and social needs. Learn More About Student Services Center