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Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

Helping Students Meet the Academic Learning Standards

Academic Intervention Services (AIS) help students who need extra help to meet academic learning standards.

Schuylerville Elementary School AIS Programs

All AIS programs are based on individual student needs, which are determined through monitoring of student progress and ongoing testing of student knowledge and skills.

The AIS program is progressive, meaning students first receive in-classroom assistance (“Tier I services”) and progress to small-group AIS classes if they don’t meet expected benchmarks. Students in the “Tier II” small-group AIS classes typically meet three or fewer times per week for six to eight weeks.

If they need further support, they progress to “Tier III” service, where they will receive intervention services four to five times per week for eight to 12 weeks.

The Elementary School has four AIS reading teachers and two AIS mathematics teachers who provide extra help in classrooms and conduct the small-group classes.

Students are assigned to AIS programs based on recommendations from the Instructional Support Team (IST), a team of school faculty and staff members who meet regularly to review student progress and achievement and to address pupil’s individual needs.

Academic Intervention Services at the Elementary School may be supplemented by occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy or counseling services if such services will benefit the student and help him/her reach appropriate educational benchmarks.

Schuylerville Middle and High School AIS Programs

Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are designed to help students achieve the standards in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies by providing additional instruction or support services.

Placement in AIS in grades 6, 7 and 8 is based on scoring below the proficiency level on a state test and/or teacher recommendation. Students receive AIS support from a faculty member, which may include the student’s teacher, a reading specialist, a math specialist or other support staff. School personnel provide students with the necessary skills and supports to be more successful in achieving the expected learning standards. In grades 9-12, AIS is provided to students who have not passed or who are at risk of not passing the Regents examinations required for graduation. A further description of 9-12 AIS courses can be found in our Schuylerville High School Course Guide.

more information

Elementary School AIS Program

Call Elementary School Principal Stacy Marzullo at (518) 695-3255, ext. 1224.

Middle and High School AIS Programs

Call the Student Services Center at (518) 695-3255, ext. 2239.

Violations and Complaints

Visit New York State Education Department’s Written Complaint and Appeal Procedures webpage for filing a complaint or appeal concerning violations.