About Us

Our Mission Statement: Schooling, Caring, Succeeding

At Schuylerville Central School District, the academic achievement and development of the whole child will be the driving force in enriching opportunities for all students through academics and extracurricular activities.

The Schuylerville Central School District’s mission of schooling, caring and succeeding is a mission for all of our students. The academic achievement and development of the whole child will be the driving force in enriching opportunities for all students through academics and extracurricular activities. 

The district emphasizes that it has zero tolerance for racism of any kind. As a public school entity, we firmly believe that it is our moral obligation and civic duty to provide a fair and equitable education for all students. This has always been our cornerstone and always will be. We will always review our practices and policies to ensure we continue to foster a supportive educational environment for all students. We support and recognize the important role diversity plays in our school community and community at large, and remain committed to making sure our district culture reflects that. 

About Schuylerville Central School District

Schuylerville Central School District is located in Saratoga County, which is one of the fastest-growing counties in New York State. Situated in a scenic, close-knit community, our campus is 10 miles east of Saratoga Springs and 40 miles north of Albany. The district is made up of seven towns and covers an area of 100 square miles. Schuylerville Central School District has three schools—the Elementary School, which educates children in grades kindergarten through fifth-grade, the Middle School, made up of grades six through eight, and the High School, which serves students in grades nine through 12. More than 150 professionals work to support all levels of students, from those needing a little extra help to those seeking advanced educational challenges. We’re committed to helping our 1,590 students meet the rigorous demands of today’s academic environment while also maintaining a personalized, “small school” feel.

Academics and Beyond

In addition to traditional academic courses, our students are able to take advantage of a wide variety of programs, including advanced placement classes, distance learning courses, a multi-year authentic research class, career exploration experiences and college credit-bearing courses. Our learners use the latest technology. Computer instruction is given at every grade level and the latest technological equipment is integrated into daily classroom activities and also in specialized graphic arts, engineering, agriculture, music and photography courses. This commitment to student achievement means our students consistently score well on standardized exams.

Schuylerville’s extracurricular activities complement the formal education students receive, resulting in well-rounded graduates who value lifelong learning and become caring, productive members of society. Students can participate in clubs devoted to many different interest areas—from community service to art, music and foreign cultures. Our athletic program has more than 40 teams from which to choose. All of these opportunities combine to extend learning opportunities far beyond the typical school day. Upon graduation, our students often attend prestigious colleges and universities—RIT, Emerson College, Texas A&M, Fordham University, Cornell University, Penn State, University of Southern California, Rensselaer and Hartwick College, just to name a few.