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Special Education

The Schuylerville Central School district is committed to ensuring that all students with a disability receive a quality education in the least restrictive environment. Each student is recognized for his or her potential, as well as his or her unique needs. The Special Education Department provides specially-designed instruction, services, programs, adaptations, and modification where necessary to support learning.

The Special Education Department also helps coordinate the following:

  • Homeless services
  • Home instruction
  • Preschool special education services


All special education placements are determined by the Committee on Special Education, the Subcommittee on Special Education, and the Committee on Preschool Special Education. These committees, in conjunction with parents and teachers, develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for each child who qualifies for services. The IEP includes information about the unique learning needs of each student, learning styles, social and physical development and student management needs. The IEP also includes annual goals with progress reported throughout the school year and is reviewed annually.

Please note: in the event of a school closing, CSE/CPSE meetings on that date will be rescheduled. If there is a 1-hour or 2-hour delay, only the meetings scheduled during those time frames will be rescheduled.

Special Education Resources

Laws and Regulations


Making the transition to life after high school

There are various agencies and services that support students with disabilities after they leave high school. Find links to the agencies that provide services for your child on our Making the Transition to Life After High School page.

Contact Us

Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Jordan Tezanos
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3247

  • Chairperson for Special Education Committees (EI/CPSE/CSE & 504)
  • Homeschool Liaison
  • Displaced, Homeless Youth & Foster Care Coordinator
  • McKinney-Vento Liaison
  • Federal & State Grant Composition Specialist

Secretary of Special Education
Joann Shirley
(518) 695-3255, ext. 3247

Special Education Graduation Requirements

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