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Effective Schools Team

The Effective Schools Team is a diverse group made up of parents, teachers, support staff and an administrator.  Parent members are chosen by Parents as Education Partners (PEP), our volunteer group, while the support staff representatives are chosen by CSEA union members.

The mission of the Effective School Committee (ESC) is to assist the Schuylerville school community to enrich the education and overall well-being of all students and staff of Schuylerville. 

The team was started in 1992 after the “Corner School” was closed and grades 4-6 were moved to what we now know as Schuylerville Elementary School. The initial goal of the Effective Schools Team was to bring the two schools together to work as one. With that goal accomplished, the team now focuses on improving the school environment and funding programs that the district doesn’t normally pay for through its regular budget.

Ideas Become Reality

The Effective Schools Team has presented many different ideas for making the school an even better place to learn and work. In addition, it has awarded grants for activities that extend and enrich opportunities and programs for students in non-traditional ways. Any staff member, parent or community member is eligible to submit a grant proposal.

If you would like to learn more about the Effective Schools Team, please call the elementary school main office at (518) 695-3255.

The Effective Schools Team meetings are open to anyone who wants to share ideas. You can also contact one of the team members to present ideas on your behalf during a monthly meeting.

Effective Schools Team

Chair: Stacy Parker

Administrator: Stacy Marzullo

Schuylerville Teachers’ Association Appointment: Amy Weed, Karen Thomas

Classroom Teachers: Stephanie Davis, Jackie Hart, Melissa Daviero

AIS Teacher: Laura Dooley

Special Education Teachers: Lindsey Sawtelle, Amy Jordan

Special Area Teachers: Michael Shea

Student Services: Cassandra Luthringer

CSEA Members: Rae Lynn Gonyea, Nancy Koval

Parent/PEP Members: Nicole Carpenter