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Requirements & Forms


Upon entering seventh grade, Schuylerville students are eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics.

Sports Registration

If your child would like to play a sport, a registration form for that sport must be completed and returned to the school. These forms are available in the main office. Students can also be registered through the Family ID (ArbiterSports) website.

Health Information

All athletes must be cleared through the health office prior to participation in a sport. Every athlete must turn in the forms below prior to the start of his or her sport season. These forms are required by New York state and will be the only forms that the district will be accepting moving forward. To be cleared, the following is needed:

All physical examinations and paperwork are reviewed by our school physician prior to approval being given for an athlete to participate. Therefore, it is important that health information is not turned in to the health office on the day that practice is starting. Please understand that there may be a waiting period for approval as our school physician is not at the school on a full-time basis.

APP Requirements

Beginning in fall 2015, Schuylerville students who want to participate in a sport above normal grade level will need to meet the requirements of the new Athletic Placement Process (APP).


If an athlete suffers an injury during a sport season, it is important that the high school health office be notified immediately. Furthermore, according to the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, any athlete whose safe participation is in question as a result of the health history interview, or injury, or prolonged absence must be re-qualified by the school physician prior to participation. This would normally require a clearance by an athlete’s own physician, as well. This requirement is intended to ensure that the athlete is healthy and physically ready to resume the rigors of interscholastic sports participation.

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