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Concussion Protocol

Concussion Protocol: Along with educational training for coaches and athletes, the following guidelines will be used to treat and follow-up when a concussion is expected:

  1. The student will not be allowed to return to play/activity in the current game or practice.
  2. The student should not be left alone and regular monitoring for deterioration is essential over the next 24 hours following injury.
  3. Following the initial injury, the student must have a medical release from their Primary Care Physician and/or District Chief Medical Officer in order to begin the Return to Play protocol.

The cornerstone of proper concussion management is rest until all symptoms resolve and then a graded program of exertion before return to a sport/activity. The program is broken down into six steps in which only one step is covered per one 24-hour period. The next six steps involved with the Return to Play Protocol are:

  1. Protocol not to begin until medical release from a physician.
  2. Light aerobic exercise such as brisk walking or stationary bike, etc. No resistance training.
  3. Sport/activity specific exercise(non-contact) such as skating, running, etc. Progressive addition of light resistance training.
  4. Non-contact training/skill drills.
  5. Full contact training in practice setting (if a contact/collision sport).
  6. Return to competition.

Parents are encouraged to learn more about traumatic brain injury on the Department of Health website.