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Turf field replacement project to begin in late October

Schuylerville CSD will begin the process of replacing the turf field in Black Horse Stadium this fall, with a tentative start date of Oct. 23 (the exact start date will be vendor-driven.) The length of the project is estimated to be six weeks pending the underlying condition of the existing turf and weather conditions during the reconstruction. However, the goal is for Black Horse Stadium to reopen for use by physical education classes in six weeks and spring athletics in the spring of 2024 (winter sports are indoors.) The fall closure of the turf field will impact 2023 post-season practices and post-season athletic contests for field hockey and football; plans are already underway to find alternative fields if needed.

The turf field was first installed in 2010 and has been used for 13 school years. The field has reached the end of its serviceable life and continued use could result in extensive and costly repairs. The new synthetic turf installation will be paid for using district reserves of $684,785 and will not require a public vote. The replacement field will cover the same square footage of the current space.

“Since its inception, the turf field has allowed the district to use it for not only athletic practices and games, but also K-12 physical education classes and activities,” said Superintendent Gregg Barthelmas. “It’s a communal space that all of our students have access to, resulting in the importance of its preservation. While any construction project results in some disruption, we look forward to the continued benefits the new turf field will provide.”

Once complete, the turf field will also be branded with the district’s new logo. When a firm date has been established by the vendor for the start of the project, communication will be sent out about the official closure of the field.