The Computer Services Department is responsible for the maintenance, coordination and implementation of all educational, library/media, administrative and business technologies for the district. Our main goal is to see the successful integration of technology in all facets of education and to ensure our students achieve technology literacy. These goals are aligned with our district’s Technology Plan.

Schuylerville Central School District has 1:1 technology, meaning all students in grades K-12 are issued devices for academic use.

Grades K-2

Students use iPad 5th and 6th Generation models.

Grades 3-5

Students use 11-inch touchscreen Chromebooks.

Grade 6-10

Students use 11-inch touchscreen Chromebooks.

Grades 11-12

Students use 12.2-inch touchscreen Chromebooks.

Through the use of various technologies, teachers are able to facilitate individual support for our students, as well as enhance learning through the use of technology. With the implementation of new administrative technologies, our administrators are able to access and analyze student data to efficiently steer the educational progress of our school community.

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