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Schuylerville CSD celebrates Class of 2023 graduates

The 77th Schuylerville High School Commencement Ceremony was held on Thursday, June 22 in celebration of the Class of 2023. 105 diplomas were awarded at graduation, with an additional diploma awarded to the family of former student Dan MacMillan who passed away January 2, 2022. For the fourth consecutive year, the commencement ceremony was held at Black Horse Stadium on the Schuylerville CSD campus. Musical performances were given by the Schuylerville Vocal Ensemble under the direction of Mrs. Jodi Ogburn with assistance from Mr. Christopher Tucker.

Class of 2023 Top Graduates

  • Valedictorian: Lillian Letzring
  • Salutatorian: Alayna Wian 

The Top 10 recognition, a tradition unique to Schuylerville CSD, was expanded in 2022 to a Top Graduate recognition in an effort to honor the hard work and achievement of more students. Anyone with an average of 96 or higher will be featured in the annual Top Graduate recognition released in June. This year, there are 14 students that fall under this ranking. 

Click here for the full list (in alphabetical order): https://www.schuylervilleschools.org/class-of-2023-top-graduates/

Class of 2023 Diplomas

  • Advanced Regents with Honors: 30 students
    Advanced Regents: 18  
  • Regents with Honors: 4
  • Regents: 51
  • Career Development and Occupational Studies: 2

Class of 2023 Future Plans

  • Four-Year Colleges/Universities (55 students)
  • Two-Year Colleges/Universities (23 students)
  • Employment (22 students)
  • Other (4 students)
  • Military (1 student) 

A Message from Principal Ducharme

“Graduates, please know that your school community is truly proud of you and wishes you the very best in your future endeavors. To the Class of 2023: your story continues to be written every day. You have a choice each day as to what you make of that day. I believe each of you possesses the tools and abilities to accomplish extraordinary achievements. Be motivated for your dreams. Your inner drive. It’s your most powerful tool. Find something you love to do, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” 

We hope our families and students enjoyed this memorable and special experience. Below are links to the commencement ceremony livestream and photos available for download.