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May 24 lead testing results

On May 24 PACE Environmental labs received water samples from Schuylerville CSD for lead testing and analysis. The State Department of Health and State Education Department have established an action level threshold of 5 parts per billion (ppb). Water sources that test higher must be immediately taken out of service and corrective action must be taken. Water sources deemed over 5 ppb may not be used for cooking or drinking until remediated. A total of 133 locations were tested in May in the elementary, middle, and high school. The district reports that seven fixtures in six locations were positive for lead; all of these locations are not areas students use for drinking. Please see below for the district’s action plan for each area.

Elementary School

Area identified/action plan: 

  • ES room 32: fountain attached to the sink. This fountain will be capped, as it is not used by students. 
  • ES kitchen sink: The location of the issue is within the goose neck of this sink; it will be changed.

Middle School

No areas identified.

High School

Area identified/action plan: 

  • HS room 105: There are a total of four sinks in this classroom; three of the four tested above the 5 ppb. These three sinks all have old faucets and will be replaced. 
  • One kitchen sink with two faucets: There is no required remedy for this location, as it is  used for cleaning.  However, it will be replaced this summer.

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All of the areas identified have been taken out of service and will be tested again once the necessary remedies are made. It’s important to note that most students use the water bottle refilling stations in the hallways that are equipped with filters, which are the most efficient way to ensure safety and wellness. As a standard practice, the district will continue to periodically perform water tests to ensure the quality of drinking water for our students, staff and visitors. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Dr. Ryan Sherman
Acting Superintendent 

For more information about lead in school drinking water, go to: