District announces plans to restructure its Athletic Director position

Beginning July 1, the Schuylerville Central School District will restructure its Athletic Director (AD) position in an effort to reimagine the scope and parameters of the role. Currently, the athletic director position in Schuylerville is a TOSA (teacher on special assignment) and is held by physical education teacher John Bowen. The athletic director TOSA at Schuylerville is a one-year appointment from July 1 through June 30 that must be re-appointed annually. 

As of July 1, 2024, the district will begin restructuring the Schuylerville Athletic Director position in the following ways:

  • Physical education teacher John Bowen will serve as Athletic Director and High School Principal James Ducharme will serve as Athletic Administrator for one year: July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025. Mr. Bowen’s athletic director TOSA agreement will be renewed for one year. Mr. Bowen will also remain as a physical education teacher and varsity head football coach for Schuylerville High School.
  • Mr. Ducharme is a school administrator who holds two certifications: School Building Leader (SBL) and School District Leader (SDL). As the Athletic Administrator, he will be able to supervise/review coaching staff that are not in the same negotiating unit as a teacher on special assignment (TOSA) is.
  • Paperwork will be filed with the NYS Education Department for Mr. Bowen to serve as the Director of Physical Education, a role the state requires to be held by an administrator in every school district. However, if a waiver is filed and approved by the state, a non-administrator can serve in this role. 

“John is a respected member of not only our school district, but the region’s athletic community,” said Superintendent Gregg Barthelmas. “His contributions to Schuylerville’s football program and athletics as a whole are vast, positioning our district in a high stature across the state. We look forward to our students and football players continuing to benefit from John’s physical education and athletic expertise and leadership.”

It will be the district’s goal to ultimately transition the role of its athletic director to that of a school administrator in the future. Mr. Bowen and Mr. Ducharme will work collaboratively to:

  • Evaluate the roles and responsibilities of Schuylerville’s AD
  • Collaborate with the Schuylerville Teachers’ Association to establish an effective coaching evaluation tool to be introduced in the 2025-26 school year
  • Work to create an administrative AD job description that also encompasses the role of a director of physical education, health, and wellness.

“The Board of Education’s focus throughout this process has been on what is best for our student-athletes, as it should,” said Board of Education President Michael Bodnar.  “We are confident that these changes will enhance their already positive athletic experience.  Like the Schuylerville community, the Board of Education is extremely proud of the many accomplishments of our student-athletes, many of whom excel in multiple sports as well as in the classroom.  We believe that these changes, coupled with the goal of ultimately transitioning the role of athletic director to a school administrator, strengthen our commitment to providing an athletic experience for our student-athletes which is second to none.”  

“Mr. Ducharme is an established leader in the Schuylerville community and holds an excellent rapport with students and coaches,” said Superintendent Gregg Barthelmas. “He will listen, observe, and gain a keen perspective in an effort to form a robust vision for the future of the athletic director position. I have great faith in Mr. Ducharme to advise the district during this important process. We will take the next year and thoroughly evaluate what’s being done well and what could be improved. I ask that the community have faith in the district to make a decision in the best interest of all students, which is always our ultimate goal.”