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Virtual learning snow day information

Dear Schuylerville families,

We’d like to provide an update about snow days and where the district stands moving forward as we head into the second half of the winter season. For the 2022-23 school year, Schuylerville has three emergency days built into the school calendar; so far, two have been used (Dec. 16 and Jan. 23.) The first three snow days will be traditional snow days, so the district has one more to utilize. If the district needs to use a 4th snow day, it will be a virtual learning snow day, grades K-12. A school district is required to be in session for 180 days per the NYS Education Department. If the 4th snow day, or any snow days beyond the 4th day are not virtual learning snow days, the school district would need to take away days from the April spring break or extend the school year in June, all of which are not ideal situations. Below are details of the format of a virtual learning snow day, broken down by grade level:

K-5 Plan

  • Students will attend synchronous instruction via Google Meet with their classroom teacher that includes a combination of ELA (reading and/or writing), Math, and WIN time. The time of instruction is at the discretion of the teacher that does not interfere with special area time.  Classroom teachers will send out a schedule to their students/families.  
  • Students will be provided with asynchronous work (example: reading, writing, math practice, etc)
  • Special area teachers will hold class via Google Meet with the classes that they are assigned on the respective cycle day that falls on the date of the snow day.  Just as we do for traditional snow days, the cycle day will not skip for a virtual day.  For example, if the virtual snow day is a cycle day 2, the next day will also be a cycle day 2.  
  • Related service providers (speech, AIS, ENL, student services, OT/PT) will hold their services with students that they work with on the cycle day or day of the week that the snow day falls. 

6-12 Plan

  • Students will follow the assigned cycle day that falls on the date of the virtual learning snow day (A/B).
  • Off-campus programs (CTE, ECCA, New Visions) will be canceled for the virtual learning snow day.
  • Students will follow their normal class schedule by attending synchronous instruction via Google Meet with their classroom teachers, classroom teachers will post Google Meet links on their Google Classroom pages.
  • Students will utilize study halls and lunch periods to work on asynchronous assignments.
  • All teachers and educational aides that push into classes will follow their normal schedule by joining the classes they support virtually.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me or your child’s building principal. It is our goal to make a virtual learning snow day a stress-free experience for students and families with advance notice and planning.

As a reminder, if the district needs to close for a snow day, the next one will be a third and final traditional snow day.

Thank you,

Gregg Barthelmas