Universal Prekindergarten lottery to be held April 19

Dear Schuylerville UPK Eligible Families,

You are receiving this communication because your child is pre-registered for the Schuylerville Universal Prekindergarten program. Only one application will be accepted per child, and all duplicates will be removed. Due to the number of pre-registrants vs. the number of UPK spots, all children’s names will be placed into a lottery selection process. The lottery selection will take place April 19 in the Schuylerville High School Auditorium at 4:00 p.m. Families are welcome to attend in person or view via a livestream on the Schuylerville CSD YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/SchuylervilleCSD.

The Saratoga Regional YMCA (SRYMCA) uses a lottery procedure that randomly selects students. There are 36 UPK spots available in 2 classrooms for the fall 2023 program at Schuylerville Elementary School.

Per the SRYMCA policy, available seats will be filled as follows:

  1. If a child is eligible for UPK and the parent/guardian works for the Saratoga Regional YMCA UPK program in Schuylerville, they will be placed.
  2. All remaining students will be assigned a number.
  3. These numbers are then placed in the Random Sequence Generator, to establish placement. The Saratoga Regional YMCA uses Random.org.
  4. If a set of twins or multiples is entered into the lottery, they will be entered separately.  If one twin is selected, the other twin or multiples will also be placed in the program.  There is one exception to this rule:  If a twin is selected as #36, that child’s twin will be the first student on the waitlist at #37.  Families can decide what their plans will be.
  5. Children will be announced in order until all spots are filled. 
  6. Parents will receive an acceptance letter if their child is selected for one of 36 placements. This letter will detail the registration and confirmation process. 
  7. Any child after the initial 36 spots will receive a declination letter that will inform you of your child’s placement on the waitlist.

Registrations will continue to be accepted via open enrollment; those children will be placed on a waitlist. If spots become available due to movement or un-enrollment, the SRYMCA will proceed down the waitlist to place children. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Warm Regards,

Emily Jenkins
SRYMCA Early Education Director