Schuylerville Elementary School participates in Autism Awareness Week

Autism Awareness DayEvery April, Autism Speaks celebrates World Autism Month, beginning with an awareness day on April 2. Schuylerville Elementary School celebrated for an entire week, inviting students and staff to further their own understanding of autism and promote kindness. Through a variety of activities and conversations, students learned more about the difference between awareness and acceptance, ways to include others, and ways to communicate with others who have trouble communicating. The goal is to make an awareness month become a lifelong thing!

“Dress-Up for Differences” days

Students and staff participated in a series of four, “Dress-Up for Differences” days, each with a unique, positive, and upbeat focus.

  • Students wear blue for autismAutism Awareness Day: “Love and acceptance go a long way. Wear blue to show your support and acceptance of individuals with autism.”
  • Neurodiversity Day: “To celebrate the beauty in the diverse spectrum of the human mind, wear rainbow and/or tie-dyed clothes to school.”
  • What’s Your Passion Wednesday: “One characteristic of autism can be to show incredibly focused passion for topics of interest. What are you passionate about? Dress up to show something you love.”
  • Sensory Friendly Day: “People with autism often have a variety of sensory sensitivities. Dress up today in your most comfy-clothes (school appropriate sweatpants, pajamas, etc.). Teachers use as much natural light in your classroom instead of fluorescents.”

Activities throughout the school

  • Amy Jordan’s Life Skills students handed out autism pencil to all students to further the message of awareness and acceptance 
  • Staff had the opportunity to purchase a lanyard or button to wear all throughout Autism Awareness Month
  • Sensory activities in the gymMaria Weeks incorporated books to read during library classes
  • Lisa Schwartz’s social-emotional learning classes participated in an awareness  vs. acceptance activity 
  • Elementary physical education teachers set up sensory stations throughout the gym for all students to participate in during P.E. classes

11th Annual Autism Expo & Art Exhibit

The expo will be held on April 23 at 12:00 p.m. inside the Saratoga City Center. It’s a free event and all are welcome!