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Schuylerville CTE program approved by NYSED, additional pathway to graduation for students

The Schuylerville High School career and technical education program is now a New York State Education Department CTE-approved program, a technical endorsement diploma option and a 4+1 pathway to graduation for students beginning with the graduating class of 2025.

Required Courses

  • Introduction to Agriculture and Agriculture Business and Marketing
    • These courses will integrate the 16 career and financial management competencies
  • One of the following courses that will integrate commencement level science standards:
    • Plant Science
    • Animal Science
    • Wildlife and Natural Resources Science
    • Food Science and Safety
  • One of the following additional courses:
    • Plant Science
    • Animal Science
    • Wildlife and Natural Resources Science
    • Food Science and Safety
    • Mechanics

Students will be eligible to earn one integrated science credit, 2.5 elective credits and a half credit for career and financial management. The program approval from the state will remain in effect until June 30, 2029.

Additional Requirements

Over the course of the program, students will also need to meet several other requirements in order to successfully obtain the technical endorsement on their diploma:

  • Students must complete 54 hours of work-based learning experiences which they will continually log. 
    • Many of the experiences that students participate in through FFA will be able to be counted within their work-based learning experiences. The Schuylerville FFA Chapter is the high school’s largest student organization. With over 60 active members, Schuylerville FFA has become one of the most predominant chapters in New York State.
  • Students must complete an employability profile, exemplifying their technical skills integrated with their work-based learning experiences. 
    • The profile will be added to and implemented throughout the student’s four years of high school. Each employability profile is tailored to the specific path that the student is on, allowing for students to focus on the standards and concepts  that they will most-likely encounter on their technical assessment. 
  • Students will complete a written and performance based technical assessment to evaluate the technical and academic skills of our students based on national career standards. 
    • Students will take the exam associated with their chosen pathway in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. 
  • Students will develop a portfolio as part of their technical assessment. This portfolio will include reflections on their work experiences, technical exam scores, transcripts, resume and cover letter, and recommendation letters.

Planning process

An 18-month discussion and planning process, led by the following Schuylerville faculty, staff, and administrators resulted in the approval from the NYS Education Department. 

  • Mary Elizabeth Foote, Schuylerville High School Agricultural Education teacher
  • Carlyn Miller, Schuylerville High School, Agricultural Education teacher
  • Sarah Battiste, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development
  • James Ducharme, Schuylerville High School Principal
  • Carrie Bean, Schuylerville High School Counselor
  • Nick Richard, Schuylerville High School Special Education teacher

Prior to submitting to the state, the Schuylerville team presented their plan to community members, other school staff, industry leaders, science educators, and Board of Education Members.

“We want to make sure we provide as many opportunities for students as possible,” said Agricultural Education teacher Mary-Elizabeth Foote. “98% of this work is already built into our curriculum, but a CTE program approved by New York State is another impactful way to enhance resumes and prepare for the workforce.”

“We are ensuring a positive future job outlook for students,” added Agricultural Education teacher Carlyn Miller. “Mary and I will meet with students twice a year to assess progression and identify areas in need of improvement. The entire process will be very collaborative and goal-oriented.”

While students in the Class of 2025 will be the first to obtain the technical endorsement on their diplomas, any classes taken by those students since their freshman year will be retroactive and applicable. Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development Sarah Battiste will continually review curriculum of the Schuylerville Agricultural Education classes, as well as the active components of the NYS Science Standards. 

“We will continue to ensure our curriculum is meeting state, national, and industry standards,” said Battiste. “It is important that the content of the courses we offer in Schuylerville provides students with the necessary skills and experiences for future college and career opportunities.  This is exciting for our students and we are thrilled to be able to support it.”