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Schuylerville CSD’s graduation rate exceeds statewide average

The New York State Education Department released graduation rates for the 2016 cohort, those students who first entered 9th grade in New York’s public schools in 2016. While the statewide graduation rate is 84.8%, the Schuylerville Central School District’s rate is more than ten percent higher, at 96% for 2020. The statistic also reflects a five percent increase from last year alone (91% in 2019). Schuylerville CSD’s graduation rate is one of the highest in the Capital Region for 2020. In addition, this is the 10th consecutive year the district has had more than a 90% graduation rate.

“Exceeding the statewide average high school graduation rate is something this entire district can be proud of,” said Superintendent Dr. Ryan Sherman. “It is a reflection of not only the hard work and dedication of our students and faculty, but the support received from home. Our school administration, teachers, student services department and support staff does a tremendous job in creating a personalized, community atmosphere and providing individualized attention for our students.” 

“Our graduation rate is the result of having an entire school community focused on the success of all our students,” added Schuylerville High School Principal James Ducharme. “Each student has a different path and subject they are passionate about. As a school district, we strive to meet the individual needs of every student by having a diverse offering of academic programs. Our staff is committed to supporting and challenging our students to reach their fullest potential while preparing them for their future.”

Click here for a link to the NYSED data site.