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Schuylerville CSD projected to lose more than 17% foundation aid, advocacy efforts underway

Each year as school districts work to prepare and present their annual budgets, an important component of the budgeting process is foundation aid, the primary source of state funding for public schools.

On January 16, Governor Hochul released the 2024-25 executive budget proposal. At this juncture, Schuylerville is projected to lose 17.23% of its foundation aid from the previous year, leading to a projected 5.71% decrease in overall revenue from the 2023-24 budget. While there are other schools that are facing projected losses in foundation aid, Schuylerville’s percentage is the largest in the region. Below is a breakdown in the district’s projected state aid:

  • Decrease: $2.2 million foundation aid
  • Increase: Transportation aid, high-cost aid, and BOCES aid
  • Result: $1.8 million overall loss in state aid 

“This presents a very challenging circumstance, and a very definitive and large gap for Schuylerville’s 2024-25 budget,” said Assistant Superintendent for Business Christine Burke. “The projected loss in foundation aid is a major change in revenue for the district.”

Schuylerville is among 51% of schools in NYS that are being negatively impacted by the proposed change in the foundation aid formula. Under the Governor’s budget proposal, the “Save Harmless” provision is eliminated, which has historically guaranteed school districts receive no less foundation aid than they did the previous year. 

After budget negotiations with state legislators, a final state budget must be voted on by April 1. At that point, foundation aid for the 2024-25 school year will be finalized. With such severe projected losses in state aid, the Schuylerville Board of Education will move its adoption of the 2024-25 budget from March to April. 

On Friday, Feb. 16, Schuylerville CSD will be participating in a roundtable advocacy discussion regarding foundation aid restoration in conjunction with New York State United Teachers, Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner, and Senator Jim Tedisco. The following people will be present at the roundtable:

  • Gregg Barthelmas, Schuylerville CSD Superintendent
  • Christine Burke, Schuylerville CSD Assistant Superintendent for Business
  • James Ducharme, Schuylerville High School Principal
  • Katie Elsworth, Schuylerville Middle School Principal
  • Stacy Marzullo, Schuylerville Elementary School Principal
  • Erin Lloyd, Schuylerville Teachers Association President
  • Bernie Buff, Schuylerville Board of Education member/Saratoga County School Boards Association Delegate
  • NYSUT President Melinda Person
  • Dr. Turina Parker, WSWHE BOCES District Superintendent
  • Andy Cook, Chairperson of WSWHE BOCES Chief School Officer Advocacy Committee

“This roundtable discussion, in conjunction with bipartisan support from Assemblywoman Woerner and Senator Tedisco, will be a strong show of important advocacy,” said Superintendent Gregg Barthelmas. “While we are facing an unprecedented loss in aid, our hope is for our legislators to hear our message and realize the major potential impact not restoring foundation aid will have.”

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