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Middle school students participate in National Screen Free Week

MS students participate in screen free activitiesSchuylerville Middle School participated in National Screen Free Week, a national movement aimed at helping turn the focus from electronics to screen-free activities. While Schuylerville Middle School classrooms were not completely screen-free during academic instruction, students were invited to participate in a variety of activities during lunch and 10th period each day that included:

  • Chess & Scrabble
  • Play-Doh
  • May Day crafts
  • Mandala coloring sheets
  • Origami
  • A visit with Hamilton (therapy dog)
  • Planting of sunflowers
  • Popcorn Friday
  • Cinco de Mayo Bingo and nachos
  • Kickball

Students also received a Bingo board of screen-free activities and had access to a borrow bin, with items to enjoy at home including outdoor games, musical instruments, books, and craft kits.

MS students play Chess during screen free week“The goal of the week was to promote the idea that occasionally going screen-free is a good thing,” said Schuylerville Middle School Assistant Principal Maddie Wright. “This week was a great way to remind our students that there are a lot of fun and healthy activities that don’t involve electronics. We hope this is a practice they will carry into their time outside of school and make a conscious effort to take a break from screens periodically!”