Elementary students participate in 12th annual Battle of the Books

Students compete at Battle of the BooksSchuylerville Elementary School students in grades 3-5 participated in the 12th annual Battle of the Books, held in-person for the first time since 2019! Students read ten fiction and non-fiction books between October and March to prepare for the event under the guidance of School Library Media Specialist Maria Weeks. The titles span a variety of genres, with the intent of exposing students to several types of literature. Teams work together to share thoughts and reflections about the books in preparation for the competition’s questions.

Schuylerville students were among the 472 students from on 65 teams who participated in this year’s competition. The event is organized by the Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex BOCES School Library System. On the battle day, the teams are tested wide-ranging details of the books. Teams have 45 seconds to a minute to answer a question by selecting the correct title. 

4th grade finalists

Schuylerville’s 4th and 5th grade teams made it to the semi-finals, with the 4th grade team advancing to the finals, earning second place!

Grade 3 Team

  • Grade 3 Battle of the Books Team
    Grade 3 Battle of the Books Team

    Kali King

  • Adele Goldberger (Team Captain)
  • Molly Mulligan
  • Coral Antinore
  • Ruth Casabonne
  • Alicia Vasquez Cruz
  • Kyson Mangini
  • Layla Greene
  • Mollie Cawrse
  • Desalynn Doe

Grade 4 Team

  • Grade 4 Battle of the Books Team
    Grade 4 Battle of the Books Team

    Everly Hanehan

  • Abraham Holton
  • Tovah Dickson
  • Lincoln Rust
  • Annelise Letzring (Team Captain)
  • Robert Harrison
  • Moriah Crossman
  • Zachary Porter
  • Logan Sharp
  • Addison Canary
  • Bianca De Los Santos
  • David Bobby Nichols
  • Joseph Hanehan
  • Kyra Hewitt
  • Nathan Huber

Grade 5 Team

  • Grade 5 Battle of the Books Team
    Grade 5 Battle of the Books Team

    Danielle Didier

  • Emma Mosher
  • Aysah Zepperi-Zobel (Team Captain)
  • Trey Ducharme
  • Macie McCarthy (Team Captain)
  • Lucianna Verti