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District launches branding effort

The new Schuylerville logoFor the past three months, the district’s branding committee, made up of 13 faculty/staff members and two Board of Education members, has been meeting in an effort to create and establish a single district logo. Up until this point, the district had many variations of a logo, but no consistent, or uniform use of one K-12. 

Creating a branding committee was part of the district’s goals for the 2022-23 school year, in an effort to establish consistent use of the district’s logo on printed and digital materials, create letterhead and email signatures for district employees to use, and serve as a foundation for the redesign of the district’s website next school year. Each committee member offered valuable input and perspective that ultimately influenced the final product of the district’s new logo.

Schuylerville seal logoThe new logo will be used in all branded materials (print and digital) moving forward, with different variations of the primary logo depending on the color of the background. Athletics and co-curriculars will still have use of the block “S”, in addition to the new logo.


Thank you again to the district’s branding committee for its collaboration, resulting in a unified, consistent, K-12 brand!

Taryn Kane
Schuylerville CSD Communications Director