91 Schuylerville students inducted into National Honor & Junior Honor Societies

National Honor Society

24 Schuylerville High School juniors earned a spot in the Schuylerville Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS), a prestigious membership students attain by demonstrating the five pillars that serve as standards for the Society: knowledge, scholarship, leadership, character and service.

To become a member of the NHS, students must submit an application and essay that demonstrates they embody the NHS pillars, report a minimum of 30 hours of service and hold a GPA above 90%. Once they are inducted into the NHS, during senior year, students must maintain their overall GPA of 90+, complete additional service hours, attend monthly meetings and participate in a group service project.

The 2020-21 NHS seniors were also part of the ceremony, lighting candles representing the five NHS pillars.

  • Patrick McGloine: Pillar of Knowledge
  • Cody Belden: Pillar of Scholarship
  • Rachael Stortz: Pillar of Leadership
  • Rachael Stortz: Pillar of Character
  • Camilla Brown: Pillar of Service

“The entire school community is proud of you and your accomplishments,” said High School Principal, James Ducharme. “We hold this ceremony to celebrate all that you have achieved during your high school years, but also hold you up as examples and role models for our new inductees. We hope they will follow in your footsteps by leaving a lasting and positive mark on their school and their community. Inductees, you can set the tone for our next school year in the fall and serve as an example for your peers. Congratulations to all.”

2021-22 National Honor Society members

11th grade NHS

  • Armstrong, Liam
  • Baker, Ian
  • Barton, Eliza
  • Belden, Anna
  • Brophy, Ava
  • Buff, Maeve
  • Caron, Abigail
  • Cooper, Victoria
  • Earley, Grace
  • French, Aubrey
  • Gulick, Jack
  • McMahon, Sarah
  • Methven, Aubrie
  • Murphy, Tara
  • Peek, Allison
  • Pelletier-Hoblock, Claire
  • Pelletier-Hoblock, Katie
  • Petroski, Taylor
  • Reitano-Stayer, Isabel
  • Sacks, Clare
  • Schwartz, Maggie
  • Sisson, Amber
  • Stadel, Megan
  • Tavares, Sadie

National Junior Honor Society 

  • 34 Schuylerville High School 9th grade students earned a spot in the Schuylerville Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) for 2020-21.
  • 33 Schuylerville Middle School 8th grade students earned a spot in the Schuylerville Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) for 2021-22.
  • Both groups of students were recognized in a ceremony held on June 9.
2020-21 National Junior Honor Society Inductees

9th grade NJHS

  • Armstrong, Anna
  • Awilow, Madisyn
  • Barraclough, Taylor
  • Becker, Abigail
  • Bendon, Parker
  • Bodnar, Sophie
  • Buff, Anika
  • Debusk, Carter
  • Dwyer, Sam
  • Elder, Kathryn
  • Enright, Amber
  • Flanders, Martin Jr
  • French, Trevor
  • Frydel, Alexandra
  • Garmley, Kyerra
  • Gulick, Benjamin
  • Hart, Jenna
  • Hughes, Nora
  • Klingebiel, Sean
  • Levin, Nate
  • Long, Keegan
  • MacNaughton, Presley
  • McCormick, Reilly
  • McGloine, Mary
  • Merrill, Josh
  • Mihaly, Lauren
  • Moran, Brenna
  • Reilly, Boston
  • Sherman, Lukas
  • Sickles, Mallory
  • Solan, Madelynne
  • Tavares, Emily
  • Vidot, Adrianna
  • Wahl, Sophia
2021-22 National Junior Honor Society Inductees

8th grade NJHS

  • Andrejcak, Stephen
  • Bailey, Campbell
  • Baker, Brady
  • Behrens, Bridget
  • Brown, Taylor
  • Citron, Hannah
  • Crowley, Olivia
  • Cumm, Landen
  • Degregory, Adam
  • Dennis, Taylor
  • Durpas, Sora
  • Gamage, Petra
  • Gamage, Pilar
  • Gonzalez, Serena
  • Hart, Makenna
  • Huber, Sara
  • Jacobs, Sidney
  • Keefer, Riley
  • Kelleher, Erin
  • Kelleher, Henry
  • King, Hannah
  • Lail, Grace
  • Levin, Abigail
  • McCaughey, Juliet
  • Mehan, Daisy
  • Noonan, Aislin
  • Otto, Henry
  • Price, Holly
  • Prouty, Alexa
  • Renner, Alexander
  • Stallone, Tristan
  • Vidot, Alexa
  • Woods, Katherine