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37th Annual Capital Region Students and Teachers Who Make a Difference


Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA)’s annual recognition program honors outstanding graduating seniors from high schools throughout the region. Recognized students are chosen by their schools on the basis of academic achievements, community service and leadership to their schools or communities, or other unique accomplishments. Each nominated student then selects a teacher who has had a significant influence on their education. Congratulations to Schuylerville High School senior Lillian Letzring, who in turn, selected Mrs. Katie Bottisti as a teacher to recognize. Click here to read more about the recipients from around the region.

Lillian Letzring

“Lillian Letzring is a very intriguing student and individual to have conversations with. She carries incredible academic abilities coupled with a desire to learn and obtain knowledge on so many levels. Lillian’s curiosity has driven her to immerse herself in a varied amount of courses throughout high school, giving her the opportunity to explore numerous topics and curriculums. She has found an appropriate balance between core courses alongside her love for music and the arts.” 

Katie Bottisti

“Mrs. Bottisti was my sophomore year Algebra II teacher and my senior year AP Calculus teacher. I loved and respected her as a teacher in algebra, and always felt productive and that I was learning. This year in calculus, her class was fun and engaging, while also extremely productive, making it my favorite class this year.” -Lillian Letzring