2022-23 NYS Regents exam results

The NYS Education Department released Regents results for the 2022-23 school year, and Schuylerville is among the top performing schools, with 94% of students testing proficient on the English Language Arts exam. Percent proficient indicates the percentage of students tested who scored at level three or above on the exam.

The data was compiled and released in a Syracuse.com article. ELA Regents data from 633 schools across the state was compiled for the purpose of this article.

“Starting very early on, Schuylerville’s ELA teachers focus on building foundational skills to help our students be successful on the 11th grade Regents exam,” said Schuylerville High School Principal, James Ducharme. “Students take pride in putting forth their best effort, and also spend a lot of time and energy in preparing for the exams. This news article and resulting data is something for us to be proud of, as it’s a testament to years of work by our teachers and students.”

2023-23 Schuylerville CSD Regents Exam Proficiency
  • ELA: 94%
  • U.S. History: 91%
  • World History: 85%
  • Algebra: 92%
  • Geometry: 96%
  • Algebra II: 100%
  • Earth Science: 94%
  • Living Environment: 91%
  • Chemistry: 92%
  • Physics: 95%