2022-23 District-Wide Safety Plan public hearing to be held Aug. 29

The New York State Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) law requires school districts to develop a school safety plan to prevent or minimize the effects of serious violent incidents, natural/manmade disasters and declared state disaster emergencies involving a communicable disease or local public health emergency declaration and other emergencies. Project SAVE is a comprehensive planning effort that addresses prevention, response, and recovery with respect to a variety of emergencies in school districts.

A public hearing on the Schuylerville CSD 2022-23 District-Wide Safety Plan will be held at 6:50 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 29. The district’s safety plan is updated annually, posted for 30 days prior to the public hearing for review, and then adopted by the Board of Education.

If you have any questions regarding the plan prior to the public hearing, please reach out to Director of Pupil Personnel Services Gregg Barthelmas or Chief Emergency Officer/High School Principal James Ducharme.

Click here for the 2022-23 Schuylerville CSD District-Wide Safety Plan (draft copy.)