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Students recognized for summer enrichment work

Summer enrichment 2021 studentsCongratulations to the students who participated in the 2021 Schuylerville Elementary Summer Enrichment Program! Students were recognized for their effort, hard work, and dedication to the 10-week program with a certificate from Principal Rose Beckett.

Summer enrichment certificateActivities and lessons were put together by Schuylerville Elementary teachers, focused on reading, writing, math, and science. Each week, students completed reading logs, math and/or writing calendars, and science work to help bridge the transition from one grade to the next. 

“Spending time during the summer months practicing these skills has a positive impact on student growth,” said Principal Rose Beckett. “Even just a small amount of time–20 minutes a day–makes a big difference in students’ readiness for a new school year. Thank you to all of the students and their families for their participation and support!”

  • Peyton Alvarez, Grade 4
  • Olivia Alvarez, Grade 1
  • Brahm Arce, Grade 3
  • Maxwell Arce, Grade 2
  • Elizabeth Bourquin, Grade 5
  • Moriah Crossman, Grade 3
  • Ashlyn Delisle, Grade 1
  • Amelia Didier, Grade 1
  • Danielle Didier, Grade 4
  • Parker Duggan, Grade 1
  • Isaac Monroe, Grade 2
  • Halle Ochal, Grade 5
  • Alexa Rust, Grade 6
  • Lincoln Rust, Grade 3
  • Colden Sayward, Grade 4
  • Landen Sayward, Grade 2
  • Brayden Seymour, Grade 5
  • Madison Sullivan, Grade 1
  • Pippa Thomas, Grade 3
  • Gary Walkup, Grade 2