HS Art Club ties classroom mural into ELA curriculum; creates custom door signs for Teacher Appreciation Week

High school art club activitiesMr. Winslow and the High School Art Club produced several creative projects that showcase the exceptional talent of all 28 students participating in the co-curricular. All high school teachers received custom door signs for Teacher Appreciation Week, which were hand-painted to highlight both their content area and hobbies.

“Every member of Art Club painted at least one sign,” said Winslow. “It was a fun activity that allowed students to learn more about their teachers’ interests.” 

Art club mural

In addition to the door signs, the Art Club also finished painting a mural in Ms. Flores’ classroom. The project started last year and was completed by 2020-21 Art Club members Reagan Hutchinson, Lulu Burkowski, Abby Caron & Chloe Bartholomew. The painting depicts a scene from Romeo and Juliet, which is one of the pieces of literature ninth graders read in Ms. Flores’ class.