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Grades 3-5 ELA, math, & science NYS testing

Dear Grades 3-5 families,

As we prepare for the annual New York State Assessments, parents/guardians are reminded that 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will be taking computer-based tests for ELA (grades 3-5), math (grades 3-5) and science (grade 5).

English Language Arts

  • Grades 3-4
    • Mon. April 22 & Tues. April 23
  • Grade 5
    • Wed. April 24 & Thurs. April 25


  • Grade 5
    • Mon. May 6 & Tues. May 7
  • Grades 3-4
    • Wed. May 8 & Thurs. May 9


  • Grade 5
    • Mon. May 13

The 3rd, 4th, 5th grade ELA, Math & Science Assessments will be administered in the morning (beginning at 9:30 a.m.) and students will have alternative schedules throughout the day so they can see all their special area teachers.

Our teachers have been working diligently to provide the skills and strategies to be successful on these exams throughout the school year. In order to make the testing days as successful as possible for your child, please make sure that he/she is well rested. Students who are tired are less capable of paying attention or handling the demands of a test. 

Student attendance is very important on these days.  In the event of sickness, your child will be tested on the day they return to school.  Thank you for the positive support you provide your child during these assessments, as it enables students to come to school with an optimistic attitude and the confidence to succeed.  If you have any questions on the testing schedule, please contact the Elementary School office at 518-695-3255 ext. 1224.


    Stacy Marzullo
    Schuylerville Elementary School Principal