Grades 3-5 ELA & math assessments

Dear Grades 3-5 families,

As we prepare for the annual New York State English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics assessments in grades 3-5, I would like to remind you that all ELA and math testing will be a two-session test given over two days on the dates outlined below. Elementary students in grades 3-5 will take the computer-based exam. The structure of the exam was practiced formally on January 20 during the NYS Computer Based Testing Simulation and students have continued to practice with their teachers within the classroom.  

A critical part of the test development process is the field testing of questions in schools throughout the state in order to ensure the validity and reliability of the New York State Testing Program. The state’s goal is to require the least amount of testing necessary to build and administer high quality NYS assessments that provide accurate information about our students’ achievement.  As outlined below, grade 3 has been selected to participate in the NYS ELA Field Test. 

Please remind your child to come prepared to school on the morning of each testing day with their Chromebook fully charged.

English Language Arts

  • Grades 4-5
    • Wednesday, April 19 & Thursday, April 20
  • Grade 3
    • Friday, April 21 & Monday, April 24
  • Grade 3 Field Test
    • Monday, May 15


  • Grades 4-5
    • Tuesday, May 2 & Wednesday, May 3
  • Grade 3
    • Thursday, May 4 & Friday, May 5

    Our teachers have been working diligently to provide the skills and strategies to be successful on these exams throughout the school year.  In order to make the testing days as successful as possible for your child, please make sure that they are well rested, have a balanced breakfast, arrive at school on time, and come prepared with a fully charged Chromebook.  In the event of sickness, your child will be tested when they return during the make up period. 

    Thank you for the positive support you provide your child during these assessments, as it enables students to come to school with an optimistic attitude and the confidence to succeed.  If you have any questions on the testing schedule or with regard to testing, please contact the elementary main office at 518-695-3255, ext. 1224. 


    Rose Beckett
    Schuylerville Elementary School Principal