3rd Quarter Student Recognition

Schuylerville High School is excited to announce the return of its student recognition program, which will recognize students on a quarterly basis who exhibit outstanding effort and achievement, and students who were nominated and named Students of the Quarter. Congratulations to the following students for their work during the 2022-23 3rd Quarter:

Outstanding Effort

World Languages

Emma Battles-Foley, Natalie Tyler


Jayden Comeaux, Brooke Murphy, Paige Nesbitt, Mia Ochal


Lauren Mihaly, Holly Price, Keira Rogan, Bailee Seymour, Aidan-Christopher Terry, Megan Vianese

Social Studies

Katie Elder, Riley McCormick, Ruby Pantano, Alexa Parella


Shane Barraclough, Lauren King


Riley Keefer, Jaedus LaForge, Isabella Lumbra, Hannah Yonkin

Outstanding All-Around Effort
  • Hope Darrah, Nolan Doherty

Outstanding Achievement

Foreign Language

Mallory Sickles, Kallie Verro


Nate Levin, Joshua McQuay, Sopia Wahl, Owen White


Madisyn Awilow, Madison Cuilla, Hope Darrah, Kathryn Elder, Sierra Fountaine, Emily Tavares

Social Studies

Nayeli Alikonis, Jana Bonesteel, Meghan Cowles, Kaleigh Hays


Connor Battle, Gracelyn Kilbourn


Meghan Cowles, Carter DeBusk, Ella Eichorst, Natalie Reitano-Stayer

Outstanding All-Around Achievement 

Kevin Zapien-Espinosa, Raphael Zapien-Espinosa

Overall Improvement

The following students were selected by teachers for their outstanding achievement/overall improvement from the 2nd Quarter to the 3rd Quarter.

Foreign Language

Kimberly Brandt


Justin Nolazco-Lopez, Olivia Piche


Oli Jones, Madelyn Luse, Emilie Richardson

Social Studies

Jack Boden, Elyjah Hilt, Ashleigh Tanner


Mya Lofgren


Emily Gingrich, Mason VanEtten

Outstanding All-Around Improvement

Zoe Winnie

Black Horses Excellence Award 

(Students who were nominated for Student of the Quarter)

9th Grade

Nayeli Alikonis, Ava Baker, Shane Barraclough, Wilder Gamage, Gabriela Jackson, Jayden Murray

10th Grade

Haleigh Burroughs, Madison Cuilla, Molly Cummins, Grace Helrich, Kalie Soriano, Katherine Woods

11th Grade

Taylor Barraclough, Izabella De Los Santos, Brenna Moran, Mallory Sickles, Emily Tavares, Aidan-Christopher Terry

12th Grade

Logan Bruno, Ella Murphy, Austin Prouty

Student of the Quarter

  • Grade 9:   Cadencia White
  • Grade 10: Hannah King
  • Grade 11:  Keira Rogan
  • Grade 12:  Miranda Mash