38 students participate in annual spelling bee

2023 Schuylerville CSD spelling bee

The 2023 Schuylerville CSD annual Spelling Bee was held on Dec. 6, with 38 participants in grades 4-8. It took 17 rounds to determine the top three spellers, with the winning word being “sausage.” Congratulations to all!

Winners & Notable Recognitions

  • 1st place: Caroline Warner (grade 5)
    • *Also the top 5th grade speller
  • 2nd place: Danielle Didier (grade 6)
    • *Also the top 6th grade speller
  • 3rd place: Allison Dietrichsen (grade 5)
  • Top 4th grade speller: Gunnar Capezzi
  • Top 7th grade speller: Noah Nygaard
  • Top 8th grade speller: Katie Nurnberg