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2023 National Technical Honor Society Inductees

15 Schuylerville High School students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society during a ceremony on May 2. The National Technical Honor Society is a non-profit student honor organization for outstanding students enrolled in occupational, vocational or technical programs. The purpose of the organization is to:

  • Promote the ideals of honesty, service, leadership, career development, and skilled workmanship among the technical students of America
  • Reward achievement in technical education
  • Encourage and assist technical students in their pursuit of educational and career goals
  • Develop a greater awareness within the American business, industry, and service communities about the talents and abilities of students engaged in technical education
  • Provide technical students with a greater awareness of the world of work

Schuylerville student inductees

  • Aiden Arsenault
  • Madisyn Awilow
  • Dale Eglin
  • Jenna Hart
  • Elyjah Hilt
  • Michael Marshall III
  • Abigail Morency
  • Angelina Parella
  • Austin Prouty
  • Natalie Sanders
  • Casey Sutherland
  • Olivia Swinton
  • Joshua Ure
  • Isabelle Witt
  • Morgen Wood

Inductee criteria

  • Students must have a 94 average in their Career and Technical program as well as 90s in the math and English components of their program
  • Students must maintain excellent attendance and the highest standard of personal and professional conduct at all times
  • An instructor recommendation is required which addresses student qualities & characteristics known as the “Ideals of Honor Society”