Annual Knock Down Hunger event donates 255 items to Backpack Program

knock down hunger can collection75 boxes of cereal and 180 additional non-perishable food items were collected during Schuylerville High School’s annual Knock Down Hunger collection, with all items donated to the district’s backpack program.  Spanish and French Clubs, as well as Ms. Luke’s art classes sponsored the  grade-level competition, with the help of Andrea Willson and Kelly McKinley. Canned items were creatively displayed and boxed items were used to construct a domino effect.

“March is World Language Month, which promotes awareness and  acceptance of the similarities and differences among cultures,” said Andrea Willson. “One communality that has no boundaries is hunger.”

Cereal boxes lined the hallStudents lined the halls with the collected items and then witnessed the boxes topple, a visual representation of “Knocking down Hunger.”

In addition, Su Luke’s digital photography students made small clay monsters based off of kindergarten drawings of monsters. Cat Carpenter, Jana Bonesteel, Keegan Long and Izzy Cronin came up with the idea to use the monsters to illustrate a stop motion advertisement for the food drive.