Summer Reading Program at Schuylerville High School

Schuylerville High School is participating in a summer reading program to encourage students to read over the summer.

Why a summer reading initiative?

During the summer many students experience a loss of academic skills known as the summer slide. English teachers partnered with school librarian Sandy Berger and Literacy Coach, Krista Senatore to organize a summer reading program to help students maintain academic gains from this school year.

Making Plans for Books to Read with “Book Speed Dating”

During the week of June 3rd, high school English classes came to the library for “book speed dating”. Librarian Sandy Berger covered tables with tablecloths and displayed books organized by genre. Students had 8 minutes per table to look through the books and snap photos of covers of those that interested them. Check out this video of the event!

Additionally, Sandy Berger, Krista Senatore and the English teachers compiled lists of books which students might select. See link below.

Book Lists for Grades 9-10

Book List for Grades 11-12

Sharing Books

The English department is asking that all high school students (including those entering the 9th grade) share at least one book they read over the summer when they return to school in the fall. Options for sharing books include:

  • Creating an artistic representation of powerful language and passages from their book
  • Preparing a book talk to either present in class or video tape to share with ELA teachers
  • Writing a book review
  • Posting a book review on an online dashboard called Padlet

For more information on assignment options, click here.

This initiative is all part of Schuylerville’s commitment to nurture joyful and strategic readers! What better way to start the school year than by sharing summer reads!

Feel free to reach out to Sandy Berger or Krista Senatore if you have any questions.