Students win first place at Envirothon

Students who took part in EnvirothonMore than a dozen Schuylerville High School Environmental Club members competed in this year’s Envirothon competition at Saratoga State Park on Wednesday, May 1. The all-sophomore team of Olivia Stortz, Rachael Stortz, Troy Soriano, Camilla Brown and Cameron Wian won first place in Aquatics. Kaela Ellis, Cody Belden, Cody Fitzgerald, Clare Sacks, and Alex Lanfear came in fourth in one of the hardest categories: Soils. And, it was the first time competing for the all-freshman team of Sarah McMahon, Claire Pelletier-Hoblock, Victoria Cooper, and Anna Belden. The fearless freshman came in fifth in both the challenging oral presentation and wildlife.