Students recognized as “MVPs” for demonstrating integrity

More than three dozen Schuylerville Middle School students were recognized on Friday, May 17 as “MVPs” for showing and presenting themselves in co-ordinance with the school’s Character Education, “words of the month.” The word for March and April was integrity. Students were recognized on the announcements and each received a “make your own sundae” gift card from Stewart’s Shops. To learn more about the MVP program, click here.

Students named MVP for demonstrating integrity









Grade 6 MVPs:

Kathryn Elder, Grace Gill, Abigail Kyne, Esmeralda Mendoza-Gomez, Stephan Andrejcak, Katherine Woods, Brady Baker, Gloria Gomez-Ramirez, Riley Keefer, Matthew DeLessio, Lucas Reilly, Hannah King, Nathaniel Lanfear, Kendall Luongo

Grade 7 MVPs:

Michael Marshall, Meghan Cowles, Dale Eglin, Caleb Mead, Carter DeBusk, Jayda Benros, Dan Delorier, Nora Hughes, Jenna Hart, Adrianna Vidot

Grade 8 MVPs:

Lucas Fitzgerald, Owen Yonkin, Laura Goodspeed, Anthony Luzadis, Sofie Lamodi, Irene Torres-Guzman, Ally Coffinger, Grace Goodspeed, Jocelyn Zapien-Espinosa, Kiara Cenate, Rebecca MacMillan, Caitlyn VanDeusen, Meghan Krahling, Brooke Schwerd, Alexis Hewitt