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Students make bus ride educational

(L-R): Nate Levin, Mary McGloine, Madelynne Solan
(L-R): Nate Levin, Mary McGloine, Madelynne Solan

A group of Schuylerville Middle School students is helping to make the bus ride home educational for elementary school students. Sixth-graders Nate Levin, Mary McGloine and Madelynne Solan are learning about the parts of the body in health class. They decided to label the parts of the bus, as if it were a body, to teach the younger students the names of different organs and muscles.

“We thought it would be a fun way to teach the younger kids about what we’re learning in class, and what they’ll be learning about in the future,” Solan said.

Among the signs they created, the students labeled the door of the bus the mouth and labeled the driver’s seat the brain.