Students help run Pony Express

Students demonstrating the Pony ExpressStudents in Mrs. Jordan’s class are encouraging parents, students and staff to participate in an exciting program called the Pony Express. It is an in-school postal service which aims to help improve the reading and writing skills of students in the entire elementary school.

Letters may be written to anyone in the school. Each room has been assigned a number and given a mailbox and each hallway has a designated street name, with signs posted.

Pony Express mailboxThroughout the school week, students in Mrs. Jordan’s class will be assigned a job. Students will deliver the mail to each room in the building, after a careful process of sorting, counting, tallying, graphing and calculating.

“The Pony Express program will unify the students through this school-wide project and will help them develop an awareness of career opportunities,” Amy Jordan said. “Additionally, it will foster teamwork, improve language arts and math skills and build partnerships within the school community.”

Directories listing streets and room numbers were distributed to all classrooms and the main office has a copy.