Students earn black belts in ‘choir karate’

More than two dozen Schuylerville Middle School students in 7th and 8th grade chorus are being recognized for mastering vocal music concepts, practicing leadership skills and showing dedication in their commitment to music education. This year, chorus director Kaitlyn Koch integrated curriculum called “choir karate” into class. On Tuesday, June 18, more than two dozen students were awarded their black belt in the program.

Choir Karate Black Belts





The inaugural class of choir karate black belts includes the following students:

  • Anna Armstrong
  • Madisyn Awilow
  • Ian Bailey
  • Logan Bruno
  • Chris Buettner
  • Anika Buff
  • Mark Early
  • Paige Gregoire
  • Aleia Hastings
  • Lexi Hewitt
  • Nora Hughes
  • Meghan Krahling
  • Olivia Leinwol
  • Lillian Letzring
  • Nate Levin
  • Keegan Long
  • Presley MacNaughton
  • Abby Morency
  • Victoria Piteri
  • Emilie Richardship
  • Naydine Sargent
  • Mallory Sickles
  • Gabby Sliva
  • Maddie Solan
  • Emily Tavares
  • Abby White
  • Alayna Wian
  • Elliott Woods
  • Jocelyn Zapien-Espinosa