Student council raises $200 for school monitor’s family

Students with Ms. BayerThe Schuylerville High School student council raised $200 through its “teach-irts” fundraiser to honor school monitor Beth Bayer. Students sold 86 “Bayer Banter” shirts to fellow classmates and teachers and presented Ms. Bayer with a check at a teacher and staff appreciation event they held on Wednesday, May 8 as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. At the event, senior Paul Harshbarger referred to Ms. Bayer as the “heart and soul” of the school.

Students run teacher appreciation notes booth
Student Council members Asa Dupras and Haleigh Eustis run booth during Teacher Appreciation Week

As part of Teacher Appreciation Week, students are also creating a collage of gratitude during lunch periods by inviting classmates to thank a teacher. Notes will be delivered to individual teachers on Friday, May 10.