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Spots still available for Summer Technology Enrichment Program (STEP)

There are still spots available in Schuylerville’s popular Summer Technology Enrichment Program (STEP). The 2016 summer program, which introduces various technology-related modules using hands-on activities, will run four days a week from Tuesday, July 5 through Thursday, July 21. Presently, there will be only one session offered. Week 1 will run from Tuesday, July 5 to Friday, July 8. Weeks 2 & 3 will run from Monday, July 11 to Thursday, July 21. The workshop time is from 8:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. Schuylerville technology teachers Fred Lefton and Mark Belden will run the program, which is open to Schuylerville students who are currently enrolled in grades 5-7. Students from neighboring districts are welcome to attend STEP 2016.

“It is exciting for students to see designs and projects come to life over the course of a couple days versus two to three weeks in a regular classroom setting,” Lefton said. “The technology department has had the opportunity over the last four years to explore the possibilities as far as development of new product designs, new skills, and new projects to share with students.”

Over the course of three weeks, students will be given the opportunity to work with industry standard 3-D solid modeling software, architectural software, CorelDRAW software, 3-D Printing Makerbot interface software, and Epilog engraving interface software. Students will learn how to create 3-D solid modeling parts and drawings. Students will be able to run actual product designs based upon the designs they create. 3-D Printing will involve printing STL files converting Solidworks parts to STL Files. Laser engraving will involve the use of raster (engraving) and vector (cutting) operations. Projects will be engraved and cut out using the epilog laser engraving machine. Students will be taught basic woodworking skills, which they will then use to make wooden game boards.

“It was great to hear such positive feedback from parents regarding last year’s Summer Tech Program,” Lefton said. “Students have been stopping me in the hallway and asking if we will be running the program again this summer.”

Registering for STEP

Enrollment is limited to 24 students per session and is on a first-come, first-served basis. All seven units of instruction will be covered over the course of three weeks. Participants are encouraged to sign up early. Current fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students should return the completed forms with session payment of $150.00 per session, plus the $25 lab fee/session to the Middle School Office. Please make checks payable to Schuylerville Central School District. Registration Forms and checks should be placed in an envelope marked to the attention of Mr. Lefton or Mr. Belden.

Click here for an informational brochure and registration form

Please call Fred Lefton or at (518) 695-3255 extension 2131 or Mark Belden at (518) 695-3255 extension 2133, if you have any questions regarding the 2016 Summer Technology Enrichment Program. STEP Teachers may also be reached by e-mail at or