Schuylerville HS Yearbook Club in search of community photos

The Schuylerville High School Yearbook Club is looking for community contributions of iconic photos that best embody this year’s theme: “2020 Vision.” The photos will be used in a collage on the cover.

Schuylerville students in photography classes and the yearbook club are contributing their own photos, but would like to include members of our community, since community is an important part of the Schuylerville High School experience.

Club members are asking for artistic digital photos of the following places: (submissions are not limited to the list below.)

  • Schuylerville football field
  • Schuylerville basketball court
  • Exterior photos of the Schuylerville campus
  • Aerial photos of Schuylerville
  • Fort Hardy Park
  • Historical markers around the village and canal markers
  • Saratoga National Monument
  • Green Bridge
  • Apple orchard
  • Corn maze
  • Horse photos/Black Horses
  • Photos from local dairies
  • Erie Canal lock
  • Schuyler Park
  • Broad Street photos

Please note: the yearbook cover will not include photos of individuals or individual places of business, rather photos of places and symbols that best represent the spirit of Schuylerville as a community. Submissions should be sent to Schuylerville High School Yearbook Co-Advisor, Mr. Marvin at Thank you!