Schuylerville welcomes athletic trainer

Lisa Muscatello
Lisa Muscatello

The Schuylerville Central School District is excited to welcome a certified athletic trainer, physical therapist assistant and certified strength and conditioning specialist to the Athletics Department for the 2014-2015 school year.

“An athletic trainer means extra care for our student athletes,” Athletic Director Heath Morris said. “Not only will our injured athletes benefit through rehabilitation, but all of our athletes will help reduce their risk of injury through preventive exercise programs.”

Lisa Muscatello has 17 years of experience in outpatient orthopedic and sports-specific rehabilitation. She is coming to the district from Saratoga Hospital where she specializes in shoulder and knee rehabilitation.

“The Regional Therapy Center of Saratoga Hospital is very excited to initiate a relationship with Schuylerville Central Schools,” Muscatello said. “We will be instrumental in injury assessment and streamlining of injuries in a more timely fashion. I come to Schuylerville with extensive sports medicine knowledge and experience with sideline care of all injuries, for boys and girls sports.”

Muscatello graduated from SUNY Canton with her Associate’s degree in physical therapy and completed her Master’s degree in Athletic Training at Old Dominion University. She will work closely with Schuylerville’s student athletes each Monday from 2:30-4 p.m., performing clinical assessments, game prep for varsity football, sideline coverage for varsity boys and girls soccer and varsity boys lacrosse games. Muscatello’s assessments will help determine whether a student’s injury (sprain, strain, concussion, laceration, dislocation, etc.) can be managed with self-care and home exercises, or if the student needs a referral to a specialist. She will also be in direct contact with Schuylerville’s school nurses and Dr. Robert Nielson to communicate any injuries or concerns.

“It’s just another victory for our Schuylerville student athletes,” High School Nurse Pam Driscoll said. “Lisa will be another person to make sure our athletes are healthy and ready to play at a high level.”