Schuylerville Robotics accepting applications

The Schuylerville Robotics Steel Stallions is now accepting application for its 2020 season. Schuylerville Robotics is a STEM based educational club that provides hands on life and career skills that students will take with them after graduation. They are part of the FIRST organization which provides huge opportunities to participating students. In 2019, $80 million worth of scholarships from over 200 providers were available to participants to further their education. The club offers three credit college classes to HVCC with completed seasons, trade skills, and educational career based skills. If your student is in grades 8-12 and is interested in seeing what Schuylerville Robotics is all about please contact the club.
If you are an adult with a hands-on design, building, programming or business background and interested in working with high school students to help develop their future please contact us the club at