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Schuylerville Middle School students taking action after Healthy Visions lesson

Mike Hertsenberg poses with middle school studentsSchuylerville Middle School students are taking action after attending a weeklong presentation centered on making better choices and building stronger relationships. The “Healthy Visions” program, taught by Cincinnati-based teen-focused educator Mike Hertsenberg, visited the school from Nov. 16 to Nov. 20.

Seventh-graders spent one period each day attending Healthy Visions presentations that covered self-image, technology, choices, relationships, goal-setting, cyber bullying and social media reputations. Sixth graders took part in a one-day presentation that centered on Internet safety.

Many of the students say they learned something new and have already taken action to change their stories.

“The Healthy Visions program had an impact on how to look at things and see the real picture. It showed me how to look at technology and people,” a seventh grade student said. “It showed me that I can make an impact on others with how I act. After the first day, I went home and put all my social media settings to private.”