Reality Check to visit Schuylerville High School

Schuylerville High School students will have the opportunity to take a stance against the practices of the tobacco industry when Reality Check of Glens Falls Hospital visits the school in the beginning of May.

Reality Check is a statewide teen-led movement against the tobacco industry and its marketing practices that often appeal to youth. The group is a strong component of the Bureau of Tobacco Control of the New York State Department of Health. Reality Check is not against smokers, it is against the tobacco industry’s marketing strategies.

On May 5-6, Schuylerville freshman and juniors will watch a presentation by Heather LaSalvia, a program coordinator from Reality Check. The presentation will focus on the marketing tactics of the tobacco industry, along with the dangers of substance abuse. Students will then have an opportunity to join Reality Check and work proactively in the community to expose the advertising and marketing tactics of the tobacco industry.


Reality Check will meet after school and will be scheduled according to availability of interested students. Group members will also attend or host events throughout the year. Events may include local community events, movie nights, speaking engagements with local elected officials and more. To participate in Reality Check, students and parents/guardians are responsible for completing and returning a parent permission form, medical release form, code of conduct form and photography/video waiver form.

To learn more about Reality Check, click here.