Prom King and Queen receive standing ovation during coronation

Prom King Nick Rhodes and Queen Liz Watson
Prom King Nick Rhodes and Prom Queen Liz Watson

The Schuylerville High School prom king and queen received a standing ovation on Saturday, May 16 during the prom coronation ceremony. King Nick Rhodes and Queen Liz Watson joined 16 other members of the 2015 Prom Court, including:

  • Kari Costopoulos and Steve Bennett
  • Claire Prunier and Ben Caro
  • Janet Hanehan and Clayton Patrick
  • Andrea Sabo and Jacob Dooley
  • Abby Maggiiore and Will Griffen
  • Bella Taylor and Adam Eydelson
  • Sierra Farrell and Cianan Allen
  • Sara Baker and Darius RichardsonThe theme of this year’s prom was “A Night of Vintage Glamour.” The prom was held at The Vista in Clifton Park.