New state regulations require four lockdown drills

Beginning this fall, Schuylerville Central School District – along with all districts in New York State – must conduct four lockdown drills each school year. The new regulations, adopted by the New York State Board of Regents, went into effect on July 1. Districts are now required to conduct 12 safety drills, with four of those drills being lockdown drills and eight being fire drills.

“Lockdown drills are not new to our district,” said Peter Riggi, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. “But, by increasing the number of drills, we hope that eventually our students and staff will not have to think about what they’re doing, they’ll just do it.”

Under the new rules, the district must complete a combination of eight fire drills and/or lockdown drills before December 31. The remaining four drills must be conducted before the end of the school year. The new rules also require the district to train staff members on its emergency response plan.

“We felt it was important to notify residents about these changes as not to cause undue alarm,” Riggi said. “In the event of an actual emergency, the district will use all communication methods at its disposal to inform the community immediately.”

Know the drill

Fire drill – during a fire drill, students and staff practice exiting a building as quickly as possible and in an organized fashion.

Lockdown drill – during a lockdown drill, students and staff practice clearing the hallways, locking doors and taking positions out of sight as quickly as possible.

Lockout drill – during a lockout drill, the school day continues as normal, except for the termination of outside activities.